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The pastor v the football player: Can Senator Raphael Warnock BLOCK Herschel Walker?

Thanks to the hard work of more than 40,000 Big Senders, nearly 5 million voters received letters encouraging them to participate in our democracy, and this week, we saw strong voter turnout for the midterm elections! Now, the Georgia Senate race is headed to a runoff, and voters will decide who to send to the U.S. Senate on December 6. We'll be writing to young voters of color who are registered but we think may be unlikely to vote.

Warnock and his supporters are hoping that his compelling personal story, combined with his accomplishments in Congress so far, can again carry him to victory. The 11th of 12 children, Warnock grew up in the Kayton Homes public housing complex in Savannah, Georgia. After getting his undergraduate degree from the historically Black Morehouse College, Warnock earned his PhD from the Union Theological Seminary and became an ordained minister. In 2005, he was appointed senior pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist church, where Dr Martin Luther King Jr once preached to the congregation.

On Warnock: Bonnie Watson, a 71-year-old voter from Marietta, said she would consider supporting Warnock for president. “I like his ethics,” Watson said at the rally. “I like the fact that he’s a communicator, that he is a community builder, that he is a leader. But he also is someone I think that can look at both sides and understand what needs to be done.”

On Walker: “I like him because he’s a Republican. That’s all I need to know,” Bill McCain, a 78-year-old from Lindale, said at the Rome rally after grabbing one of Walker’s lawn signs.


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