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Statement from the Calhoun County Democratic Executive Committee

January 8, 2021

Statement from the Calhoun County Democratic Executive Committee:

Wednesday anarchists and seditionists attacked our country. They likely came from every state, certainly Alabama. Their presence was sown and generously watered by the lies of a mentally unstable President and all the cowards who flailed on the end of his strings. Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers is one of those puppets. While even Lindsey Graham, a primary puppet, condemned the attack, the initial comment from Mike Rogers was an email from a staffer saying he was safe! Good for him. As is consistently the case, Mike Rogers said nothing until others acted, thus showing him the safest response. Yet we allow him to ride the R into office every two years.

Rogers, along with all those making a mockery of their oaths to uphold the Constitution, was fully complicit with those who stormed our Capitol and raised the Confederate and Trump flags in it. His actions, along with those of his collaborators, set the stage for the attack.

We condemn the actions of these domestic terrorists as well as the actions of those who paved the way for them, particularly the insignificant seven from Alabama. We know who they are and will continue criticizing them for the lack of leadership they display for Alabama.

Sheila Gilbert, Chair 256-310-0955

Vernon Presley, Vice Chair 256-283-5680


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