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RMC Staff Cares for Covid Patients

....... and Calhoun County Democrats care for RMC Staff!

As Covid cases are rising - Carsie got back to her role directing the Meal Train program for the medical personnel staffing the Covid unit at RMC this past week. A menu was put together an 'ask' was sent out and volunteers quickly signed up to cook! The meal consisted of chicken salad, pasta salad, a variety of breads, cucumbers and tomatoes, fresh fruit AND peach cobbler bars!

Pictured below are CalCoDem Carsie Evans and Rey Vargas, a nurse and the clinical team leader for the Covid unit. He’s among the staff who have been working on the coronavirus response since before Calhoun County had its first case.

Calhoun County Democrats will provide a home cooked meal once weekly, rotating between day shift and night shift. The COVID staff can use our help and we could provide more meals if YOU would like to join us! Email and let us know :)

Please click on the link below and watch this video - Whitney Watson, a nurse on the infectious disease team at RMC talks about Covid.


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