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RMC Covid Unit - THANK YOU!

If a Covid unit is open at RMC - CalCoDems are taking them home cooked meals weekly! Lunch last week and dinner this week. That schedule will continue as long as there is a Covid Unit in operation. We have enlisted the help of our team of women again - some who are GREAT cooks, and others who prefer to donate cash! Thanks to you all. On Wednesday, Pam and Sandy delivered dinner - Tuscan Chicken, Pasta, Salad, Bread and Brownie Crumble for dessert!

This is the 3rd year of Covid, and the staff at RMC has had a couple of months here and there when they were able to shut down the Covid units and work under less stressful conditions. Only for a brief period each time. Sadly, they recently had enough patients to stand up a Covid unit. Once again - we enlisted the help of our volunteers - to deliver the Covid staff a home cooked meal weekly. Such a small thing on our part - but we hope it breaks their day a little, we hope it makes them smile. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Again - If you, your business, civic organization, church, etc - would like to join us - It's a small token of our appreciation for the selfless work they do for the rest of us.

The last photo is a couple CalCoDems being presented a 'THANK YOU' to ALL the cooks and those who donated - the card was signed by so many of the Covid Staff. It's on an easel at HQ - come and see it :)

HQ is currently open on Wednesdays from 10 til 4 pm. Those hours will be expanded as the election draws nearer.


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