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Re-Building the Party…..

- Sheila Gilbert, Chair, Calhoun County Democratic Executive Committee

Saturday, November 2, 2019 will be a memorable day for the history books for years to come. Rep Chris England was elected as Chair and Patricia Todd, Vice Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party. The amazing thing being that this election was won with the help of forty-eight new members of the Youth Caucus, eight members of the LGBTQ Caucus, seven members of the Hispanic Caucus, three members of the Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus and two members of the Native American Caucus.

You might ask why this is relevant or important, but it only takes a look back at the previous leadership of the past to know the Alabama Democratic Party was near extinction and without leadership. When young people and diversity groups enter the political window of opportunity - we will see things begin to change. That is certainly the case all over the State of Alabama. Your Calhoun County Democratic Party proudly supports diversity in all forms for with our ever evolving and changing political world it wouldn’t take long for us to be without leadership or structure. Our Party is the Party of the People. If you doubt this just take a look at all the upcoming dates in this newsletter to confirm our dedication to the actions of the Democratic Party.

As the Alabama Democratic Party moves forward, all Alabamians should offer special thanks to our own U.S. Senator, Doug Jones, for his input, dedication and keen legislative actions to assure viable and experienced leadership toward a newly re-built Democratic Party. Calhoun County sends its strongest words of THANK YOU to Senator Jones!

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