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Quarantine Boredom Got You Down?

What better time to step up and do something about the most important

election in US history, November 3, 2020? Dr Barry Nicholls

Calhoun County Democrats join to write postcards at HQ!

If you haven’t already, join Postcards to Voters! (PTV)

You can reach out to voters and never leave your living room. All you need is postcards, stamps and some spare time.

And, of course – addresses provided by Abby at PTV. So – what’s the PTV scoop?

Who? / What?

Postcards to Voters (PTV) is a grassroots group of > 65,000 volunteers from every state who have written to targeted Democratic voters in ~ 200 key, close elections since March of 2017. The idea is to send friendly, personal, hand-written, colorful, postcards to these voters.

It was first started with the campaign of Jon Ossoff and then Doug Jones.

The postcards are mostly reminders to vote or reminders to register to vote. A current campaign encourages Florida voters to sign up for VBM – vote by mail – which yields a very high voting rate.

FYI: If an election is not close – the Democrat is way ahead or is too far behind – this race is not selected.


You can write from the comfort of your home.

How to Join?

There are 2 ways to sign-up with PTV! (PLEASE use only 1)

1. Text JOIN to Abby the Bot at 484-275-2229 (Preferred Method)


2. Email PTV:

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