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One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure :)


Join our 'FUN-RAISER' on Saturday, May 20 at the Jim and Shirley Justice Center, 812 Noble Street! The sale is from 8 am until! No early birds - please!

CalCoDems are asked to bring donated items to HQ no later than 18 May - the day of our yearly picnic. Items may also be brought to HQ on Wednesday, 10 May from 10 am til 4 pm. Need other accommodations? Call one of the numbers below.

Don't bring true 'junk' - put that in the dumpster. Knock the dust off the 'good' stuff you find in the garage and the attic. Bring it to HQ. Please PRICE your items with a 'sticker' or 'tag.' Donated items that do not sale - will be offered to local non-profit organizations. Lastly, remaining items will be picked up by a local thrift store. The 'profits' will go towards items that keep the HQ operating as well as community events. CalCoDems operate entirely on donations from individuals like YOU. We get nothing from the State or Federal. Volunteers man HQ, no pay is involved.

OH! WE REALLY NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP ON THE 20TH! We have to have folks to help set up tables, tents, organize like items, talk to our 'customers'; bag sold items; take monies; oversee the operation. Will you give us a couple of hours of your time? More? Let us know. Thank YOU!

We are also going to try something new: We are going to sell 'baked' goods such as cookies, cupcakes, etc. Let us know if you'd like to volunteer to bring a 'goodie' to sell!


Call Sheila at 256-310-0955;

Beverly at 256-225-3096; or

Carsie at 256-225-7032.


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