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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why Trump, radical Republicans blame everything on Democrats

Amos L. Kirkpatrick, Anniston, AL

Recently, several so-called hard-nosed, right-winged Conservative Republicans have filled the Speak Out section of The Anniston Star with blames for everything on Democrats and progressive thinkers of this community. I have decided to give my opinions about why they feel a need to target Democrats and Progressives, yet find “no fault” with the leadership and actions of Trump and Republicans, even when fault by them is shown daily. They choose to ignore facts and truth.

In my opinion, anyone who ignores facts and truth in place of lies are mentally deranged or hypocrites. I choose to classify them as hypocrites and liars, the same as Trump, their leader.

There are two factors driving this train of distortion and false blame — racism and fear. It began in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States.

Racism, because a black man, in reality, had become the first person of color to be elected as president of the United States. Fear, because demographics showed a trend towards the future that it could happen again and that the white populace could permanently become a minority race within the next 20 years for the first time in history.

Rather than embrace and adjust to future changes in our politics and ideology, these people let their hidden prejudices come to the forefront, and act out through their fears against Democrats and minorities. They do not want to share power under our democracy and the Constitution.

This is why these people act the way they do: Trump and his supporters are never wrong! Any lie or excuse will justify their fears.

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