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‘It ain’t over til it’s over’ – the runoff Senate fight in Georgia

Let’s help FLIP GEORGIA! Jim Williams

Most of us probably expected our work to end on Election Day; life could return to ‘normal.’ The very narrow margin of Biden-Harris victory in several states, along with losing a couple key senate races and the runoff system in Georgia, has thrown those expectations out the window. We are now in a hard contest for both Senate seats in GA. Those can decide if President Biden has a majority in the Senate to make critical progress or Mitch McConnell will have at least 2 more years to stifle needed changes. The runoff on January 5th in GA has become Ground Zero for both the GOP and Democrats. Already massive amounts of effort and money have shifted to those contests. An estimate I heard last night is that the combined spending just for advertising may reach half a billion dollars. Stacy Abrams’ group for Democrats raised $10M over the weekend – almost as much as GOP Senator David Perdue spent in his whole Senate campaign in 2014. The outcome will depend on voter turnout – for Democrats, bringing out the same and possibly even more people in GA who so wonderfully responded to all sorts of obstacles in the election on November 3. The narrow margin of victory in the GA Presidential election clearly shows that barely a handful of votes may be decisive.

For those wanting to help, several ways already exist. Others will surely develop soon. Below are a few opportunities.

Writing postcards: Organization supplies addresses, you supply your own cards and stamps.

Flip the West (provides messaging; mailing date December 7)

Postcards to Voters (gives you basic message, leaves it to you to personalize)

Writing letters:

Sierra Club (Targets infrequent voters identified as being pro-environment; provides training and letter-writing parties, as well as guidance/talking points and template letters with addresses, which you personalize. You supply stationary, stamps. Mailing date December 23):

Vote Forward


Sierra Club (provides training, scripted calling through a computer-based dialer; 3-hour shifts. Targets infrequent voters identified as being pro-environment)

Georgia Democratic Party/ Gotta Call Georgia! (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, multiple times available; 1.5 hour shifts)

Call for Jon Ossoff (3-hr shifts):

Call for Rev. Raphael Warnock (2-hour shifts):


Sierra Club (provides training, scripted texting through a computer-based system)

Text banking and phone banking for Rev. Raphael Warnock for


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