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Calhoun County Democrats participated in another community outreach project today - The United Way's Day of Action! The event was held at both the Anniston Meeting Center and Jacksonville State University.

Roughly 250 volunteers at each location assembled and packaged 50,000 meals for our local food pantries and shelters to help fight against hunger in Calhoun County. The folks in charge knew what they were doing as they blasted the kind of music that makes you move! Even us great-grandmothers were dancing, lol! The process reminded us of Lucy and Ethel packaging chocolates on the assembly line.

Left: Beverly, Jackie, Sheila, Carsie, Pam

Right: JoeAnne, Sandy, Angie

This morning at the 2022 United Way Day of Action! Here the volunteers are, ready at their assigned table, waiting instructions for assembling and packaging the food! All 250,000 packages! Click and watch the video below.

Great fun and lots of work! Once the bell rang - and the music cranked up - all the volunteers were working fast and furious - measuring, packing, sealing and labeling food packs. The CalCoDems table assembled packages of red beans and rice - the old fashioned way - an assembly line of PEOPLE! Jackie held the bag under the 'funnel'; JoeAnne scooped the rice; Beverly scooped the soy; Sheila scooped the beans and the dried vegetables; Sandy (organizer and lead for our table) added the instruction packet; passed the package to Angie/Carsie who weighed the package and 'added' or 'took out' ingredients to ensure proper weight; Carsie hot sealed the package and lastly Pam affixed a label and put the finished product into a large box. Looking forward to participating again next year!

Lastly, we shed our hairnets, gloves and aprons and celebrated a job well done! JoeAnne got away before the pic was made.

And.... for your enjoyment, here is a piece of the Lucy and Ethel 'assembly line' episode!


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