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Candidates speak at HQ

Don't miss it - CalCoDems have invited candidates to speak and take questions at the September 15 meeting at HQ, 812 Noble Street, 6:30 pm!
Candidates invited are: Lin Veasey, candidate for Alabama's 3rd Congressional District; Danny McCullars, Alabama State Senate District 12 candidate; Pam Howard, candidate for Alabama House of Representatives, District 40; Barbara Boyd, Alabama State House District 32; and Mercy Pilkington, County Commission District 2. Fred Wilson, Commissioner for District 1 does not have an opponent. Photos below are in order of names listed above.
PLEASE submit your question to not later than Wednesday, 3:00 pm. Questions will be placed in a basket - and pulled out by random people in the audience. As always - it's a 'pitch in' dinner - please bring a dish if it is convenient. However, your presence is what is most important - there's always plenty of food PLEASE SHARE this notice!


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