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2023 Alabama Legislature Regular Session Week in Review, February 24, 2023

A Note from Minority Leader Anthony Daniels:

Good afternoon and welcome back to the Alabama House Democratic CaucusWeek in Review. This newsletter will be your download of what’s going on in the capital, how AL House Dems are pushing pro-growth, pro-innovation, pro-Alabama priorities, and ways you can join our work across the state.

With the 2023 Alabama Legislative Session less than two weeks away, we are diligently working to prioritize the needs of all Alabamians by designing a comprehensive economic plan that invests in our communities and schools, addresses affordable housing issues, and increases access to quality, affordable health care.

While Republicans are busy trying to further restrict access to women’s healthcare, my Democratic colleagues and I continue to fight for the rights of all women and girls across Alabama. Just this week, Rep. Ernie Yarborough (R-7) filed a bill to create “equal protection” for unborn children, which has the potential to criminalize women who suffer miscarriages. If passed, this legislation would allow women who suffer miscarriages to be tried as murderers in a court of law and punished with jailtime. Democrats are working hard to ensure that no woman faces prosecution at a time of extreme hardship and Rep. Chris England (D-70) has already filed a bill to repeal a ban on abortion dating back to the 1800’s that is archaic in every way.

I strongly believe that health care decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor, not by politicians. That’s why I’ll continue to advocate for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to unite and pass legislation that protects and champions our sisters and daughters during the upcoming session.


Representative Anthony Daniels

Alabama House Democratic Caucus 2022 Legislative Agenda Pro-Growth * Pro-Innovation * Pro-Alabama

Stay Tuned For The Upcoming Release Of

The 2023 AHDC Legislative Agenda on March 6


Notable News

Mark your calendars! On February 27th and 28th, Democratic House Members are hosting town hall listening sessions throughout the state to hear your concerns. Come share what you want representatives to prioritize in this legislative session!


In Case You Missed It

Fight against Alabama’s grocery tax unites liberals and conservatives | By Ralph Chapoco and Alabama Reflector Alabama is an outlier in taxing groceries – it is one of only 13 states in the nation to tax food. The left-leaning Alabama Arise and the right-leaning Alabama Policy Institute (API) will both lobby legislators in the upcoming session to reduce or repeal the tax, which, with local sales taxes included, can add up to 10% to the cost of groceries in the state. Federal judge has bad news for Alabama’s prison system Alabama Public Radio | Pat Duggins The number of officers working in Alabama lockups dropped to the lowest point in years despite a court order to increase numbers. Court filings show that the prison system has lost more than five hundred security staff employees over the last 18 months. 63 colleges waive application fees for Alabama high school students next week WHNT | Logan Sparkman The Alabama State Department of Education (DOE) announced that as part of the Alabama College Application Campaign (ALCAC) on February 20-24, high school seniors can apply to 63 select colleges with no fees. Being homeless in Alabama will be more expensive under bill pushed by GOP lawmaker | Ralph Chapoco An Alabama House Republican has filed a bill that would increase penalties for loitering along public rights of way. The bill, HB 24, sponsored by Rep. Reed Ingram, R-Montgomery, would raise the punishment of loitering to a Class C misdemeanor for second and subsequent convictions, subjecting people to up to three months in jail or a $500 fine. Alabama could soon make it harder to get addiction treatment, doctor says | Amy Yurkanin Alabama doctors say new proposed rules aimed at clinics that provide medication for addiction could make it harder for patients to get care, even as overdose rates rise to record levels.


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Alabama is one of only 13 states in the nation to tax groceries. Let’s eliminate the tax because you deserve access to affordable food. #GroceryTax #ALLin4U #ProGrowthEconomy


@ALHouseDems look forward to working with @ALHouseGOP in the upcoming legislative session which starts on March 7th. It’s time to work together to create a better Alabama for all.#ALLin4AL #ALLin4U #alpolitics


Legislative Spotlight


New AHDC Videos Coming Soon!

Soon, Alabama House Democrats will be holding a Press Conference to release their 2023 Legislative Agenda and we'll let you know the details as soon as they are announced. During the Legislative Session, Alabama House Democrats will hold weekly Wednesday Press Conferences which can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube. Feel free to click the link below to see our previous press conferences, social media posts, and our Caucus members in action, working for the people of Alabama. Our Facebook page can be found at: The purpose of having regularly scheduled press conferences and session briefings will be to update the public and members of the media on the legislative achievements of the AHDC and to discuss plans for the remainder of the legislative session. The AHDC Communications Team will continue to update you when press events occur.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a little different at the State House. That doesn’t mean you have to miss the action. In many ways, 11 South Union Street is accessible to more Alabamians than ever before. Sessions in the House and Senate chambers and committee rooms will be available online each week. Watch by clicking here.

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